Broadway Delivers!

Our newest division is called BROADWAY DELIVERS!

When one is looking for a touch of Broadway for a store opening, (HERSHEY’S TIMES SQUARE, APPLEBEE’S, MODELL’S) a launch of a new AIDS Drug (BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB and REYATAZ) or you just need celebrities at your event (THE ACCESSORIES COUNCIL ACE AWARDS) Broadway Cares and Broadway Delivers is there. Here are some of our most recent event:

  • Wicked cast meet and greet with 3 cast members, the book writer. Winnie Holzman and original make-up designer (who came with sketches and photos of the green witches make-up design).
  • Zarnestra the launch of a new HIV drug. Three performers performing 3 monologues and 2 songs.
  • Greater New York Dental Council Meeting, November 2004- Andrea McArdle Annie, Beauty and the Beast; Felicia Finley Aida, Smokey Joe’s Café, The Life; Christopher Jackson The Lion King, OZ.
  • For Target’s Festival of Books in 5 cities; half hour performance of Schoolhouse Rock.
  • Bebe Neuwirth to host event for Hershey’s Time Square Opening Event.
  • Karastan Carpets’ bi-annual meeting. 3 acts 3 broadway performers plus 4 dancers.

We have access to the cast members of almost every Broadway show as well as Broadway performers and stars who are not currently in a production. We work with companies like ANHEUSER BUSCH, GLAXO SMITH KLINE, THE NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER and TARGET CORPORATION. We put on events ranging from one singer to our most ambitious event which was an evening consisting of nine Broadway performers singing in nine design showrooms for nine separate formal dinners followed by another hour of entertainment and dessert. We have the ability to tailor a performance to your theme if desired. You make a tax-deductible contribution to BC/EFA and we recruit and rehearse the performers. The fees are negotiable depending on the size of the show, the level of stars requested and the production required.

The production costs, travel etc. would be assumed by the donor/client and are generally not part of the initial donation but taken care of separately.

For more information please contact Frank Conway at 212.840.0770 x272 orconway@bcefa.org.