Letter From The Executive Director

July, 2003

Dear Friends:

It is a time of great uncertainty in the world. No matter what your station in life or situation, these are challenging times. But for those facing a debilitating health crisis – such as AIDS or any number of HIV-related and women’s health issues – every day can be daunting. Without the often-unsung support of many social service organizations, case management, and health care providers, or the unassailable support of friends and family, many would find themselves alone, dejected and destitute.

With your help, BC/EFA is able to reach out to thousands of individuals in need of assistance as well as to hundreds of AIDS and family service organizations that provide an essential social safety net.

This is done in ways unique to BC/EFA, such as our many theatre-based events and initiatives, as well as through time-honored but no less important fundraising efforts like direct mail, merchandise sales, major donor and corporate support. Each one is essential and, in ways large and small, each complements the other.

But I must single out the ongoing, generous commitment of our theatrical family. I was recently going through letters sent by BC/EFA to Broadway shows that had sadly closed recently, but had spent time raising funds for us. Here are just a few, with their total fundraising efforts noted:

LA BOHEME / $83,558; OKLAHOMA / $56,334; THE GRADUATE / $81,405; MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM / $49,226; Off Broadway’s ZANNA DON’T / $20,252; The National Tour of SEUSSICAL / $38,233 and of course, after 16 years, Broadway’s now-legendary production of LES MISERABLES / $1,748,260!

Over $2,0772,268 raised by just seven shows, all made possible by an unwavering generosity of spirit that – thankfully – continues in our theatrical community even as current events, budget crises, and color-coded alerts buffet us all.

I would also like to thank those of you who are not part of the theatre community, but who enthusiastically join in either as a member of our audiences or with your individual support. You are an essential and most welcome member of BC/EFA’s fundraising family.

I receive many letters during the course of the year – from donors, with grant applications, from those who make our efforts possible, as well as those who depend on the results. These few quotes will give you an idea of how important your support is:

“Thank you for the wonderful grant check. I promise it will be put to good use.”

“… the peace of mind you brought me allowed me to go on.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to perform for such a wonderful cause.”

“The generosity of BC/EFA on behalf of my family was overwhelming.”

Those are, in fact, all letters to you. Because whomever you are, whether working on stage, behind the scenes, sitting in an audience on Broadway or miles away, your participation in, and support of the work Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS does has never been more important.

BC/EFA’s role in the health of our community is more clear than it has ever been. What we continued to accomplish year after year has a real and meaningful impact on those in need. I hope as you read through these this website that you will continue your support or be moved to join us in our efforts in 2003 and beyond.

Best wishes,


Tom Viola
Executive Director