Floored: BC/EFA Gives North Carolina Facility A Strong Foundation

By Joe Norton

Thanks to a grant from BC/EFA, the floors at one family care home in the “triangle” area of North Carolina have a new lease on life.

A $5000 grant from BC/EFA helped Raleigh’s Hustead House replace floors that had seen a lot of life. The facility, owned and operated by the state’s Alliance of AIDS Services, is the oldest family care home in North Carolina providing services specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS.

“Hustead House – and its kitchen floor – has witnessed hundreds of souls arrive in poor physical condition and subsequently depart healthier than they arrived,” said Bill Seagroves, the Alliance’s Director of Finance and Human Resources.

“Broadway Cares is now an
important part of our history.”

The Alliance’s food pantry programs serve over 1,000 clients from Wake, Durham and Orange counties, so a working kitchen isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Private funding for the Alliance has dropped, Seagroves said, and state and federal funding comes with restrictions, indicating that without BC/EFA’s help, the pantry may have been in jeopardy.

The Hustead House has a sister site for people with HIV/AIDS, which the Alliance of AIDS Services also runs, in addition to providing HIV prevention and emergency financial assistance to their clients who, according to Seagroves, “are 98% people of color and poverty.”

He added that, thanks to our help is so many areas, “Broadway Cares is now an important part of our history”.